Friday, February 29, 2008

February Roundup

It was short month, so I have a short list.

1. chair socks (crocheted) (I'm so much happier now that my chair legs aren't cold.)

2. CIC socks:
coffeebean (16)
fancy moss rib (17)
red rib (18)
pink garter rib (19)
variegated stripes (20)

This puts me at 20 for the goal of 28 socks for Magic 28.

3. Concert scarf using Moonlight Mohair and Alison's pattern. (I'm working on donating this to a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer walk.)

4. Teal and brown CIC sweater. It fits over DS#2's head. He's 10 and it's small all over, so I'm gonna guess it's a size 10-12. Bigger than the 2-4 size that I was aiming for, but it still will be good for a larger child.


valéria said...

Wow, you're a speed knitter. Looks all very very nice and yep i sound like a record, but i think you knit a lot and CIC is very glad with you i guess :)

Diane said...

Love the striped socks. The colors are wonderful. The sweater came out great too.