Thursday, February 21, 2008

What do you do?

What do you do when you make a knitting mistake?

Do you
a) immediately rip it back, fix it, and keep on knitting?
b) put it in timeout and pick up some other knitting?
c) completely stop knitting and don't even look at anything else?

I would've answered that I do option a at least some of the time, but lately I've been doing option c. Abandon knitting and fall asleep on the couch. Or maybe eat something.

I made a valiant effort with the CIC sweater. The neckline was ripped back and re-knit, only to have it look like this.

It's looking still too small, and the needles keep sliding out. (The perils of starting a project without collecting all the materials, then trying to improvise on the fly. I found a 16" circ for the neckline, but I have no needles to knit the sleeves unless I want to knit them flat. Or use the circs that are 2 sizes too small. Or unless I want to use the magic loop method with 24" needles which might make me crazy. Or spend $$ on needles to make a charity sweater.)

I actually put it down and immediately fell asleep (eating came earlier. There might have been chocolate involved.)

Today I moved on to my Big Basin socks. I thought I was ready to start the increases, but apparently I'm knitting the second sock tighter than the first. The swirls are not swirling at the same rate, and even though I did the same number of rows, it's not long enough. (Not that you can tell that from the picture, but trust me--I counted.)

That project was then abandoned.

After some time, I decided to work on a toddler sock pattern that I'm writing.

It actually was going good until I tried to take a picture.

That's right. I'm missing a sock. I'm pretty sure that I knitted it (well, 80% sure, things by now are a little fuzzy). I remember washing several of them and putting them over the registers to dry. This one was behind, but I still think that I knitted it. I've checked all the registers and it's not there. Where else could it be?


Rather than work on one of those projects, I decided to start something new.

Mitred mittens by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Need I say more?


valéria said...'ve been infected by the cast on leave everything else lying bug....
Well that makes you the knitter with big K... everyone gets infected sometime.
I got it and no chocolate involved but perhaps it had to do with all those great knitters everywhere who give me inspiration and lots of ideas that are not the projects that lay around here and are screeming...knit me...knit me... I know you'll love me when I'm done.

And I??? Just casted on some footsies.

valéria said...

ps...hope you find the missing sock, did you look behind the washing machine??? ;)

Cactusneedles said...

I've done that too. Take care. Hope you find that sock.