Saturday, January 07, 2006


I will be having a guest blogger commenting about these pictures (but since it's past her bedtime, she's off to bed.)

It's still bedtime, but the guest blogger--DD#2-- is now blogging.....

(No caption to go with this, but it's a puzzle that she finished.)

It took me forever to finish my purse but I finished! At first I was thinking colors for High School but I think from all of the people petting it I will lose the fuzziness and then it won't be cute! So now I have second thoughts about taking it to High School how about it be a bright red purse that everyone pets it.

Remember when my MoM put up how she had made my a poncho? Well she had extra yarn so I'm making a scarf to go with it. (I'm hoping that I can finish it befor the winter is over!) I started it on Thursday and on Saturday this is what I have. I had told my MoM that my goal was to finish it in a week, and well it is Tuesday and I still have this much. I think that I need to speed up A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some people might go what is this dohikky? Some might go I remember that well. I don't know the name but I do know how you do it. Where might I of gotten this well it come from a show called Carol Duvall.

Blogger is now off to bed again... I'll try to have a periodic update on her progress.

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