Thursday, August 31, 2006


There's nothing like finishing a sock to make me want to start a new one. (Not finish the new one, mind you, just start it. :) So....I started the Snake Skin Socks from 6SoxKAL. Very nice pattern, and it's easy to memorize--just like other members have said.

Usually when someone posts, "...and it's easy to memorize", I think, "HA! Not for me it won't be." This time, though, it's true.

My cardigan is also moving along. Not very fast, but a couple of rows a day still make a difference.

I've also dyed more yarn for CIC sweaters.

These are the last 3 skeins of my gifted yarn. It started out as a garbage bag full, and I've been slowly but surely using it all up for CIC.

I dyed them in my crockpot. My family is so trained, that when suppertime came, they didn't even look into the pot, but just assumed it was yarn.

Monday, August 28, 2006


It's show-and-tell time, folks! It seems like I've found a few finished items that haven't made it to my blog.

First, my most recent FO:

That's right, my socks. These are 6SoxKAL from.....May? April? Anyway, they're done. I've been quite happy about them, too. Nice and springy using sock yarn from Ellen's Half-pint Farm.

I had vague thoughts (that I always get this time of year but never follow through) that I could enter them in the county fair.

Sounds good.

Well, I had them both on my feet for about 30 seconds before I saw this glaring error:

See it? On the inner side of the left sock I only did a purl one, while on the inner right edge I did a purl 2. (Not a chance that I'll rip it out....)

Okay, then. A blue ribbon and a cash prize of a whopping $5 is out of my reach on this one.

Moving on....

Here are more 2 pairs of CIC socks.

At this point I should mention that none of these items have been blocked. Any funny looking shapes will become perfect when the magic blocking takes place. (I can dream, right?)

Here's the current CIC challenge--fingerless mitts. These are Fetching from Knitty.

Finally, here's the end result of my log cabin sweater. If you may remember, I had a variegated square for the center. I ripped it all out and started again with the green. (Just a side note: I've never gotten into quilting because of the exactness required in getting the corners to get so precisely matched and sewn. So what's up with my corners? This is KNITTING, not QUILTING! Nice corners should NOT be part of the equation.)

This was really a fun knit. It's one of those "wait, just one more side" kind of knits. I figure that I can make it bigger easily by going around more, right?

Ok, time is done. Now it's time for snack!

Friday, August 25, 2006

...And another chick has followed

Yesterday was the big day for chick #2 (formerly referred to as DD#1). It was move-in day at her college. Everything went well, she got moved in rather quickly (you should have SEEN some of the stuff that some others brought. Where they put it all, I don't know.) The air conditioning got fixed before bedtime, and there were no major traffic jams for the shower. (Ten girls for one shower. Who was THAT architect? It must've been a guy.)

We got to bed on time the night before. DD got her stuff all packed into the car, while I made pillowcases.

At 8:30 pm, I thought, "Wow, it's 8:30 and I'm FINALLY getting these pillowcases made."

Had a brief sinking feeling where I found no needle in my sewing machine. Remembered that I had broken it the last time I used the machine, but then found a new one. (Rather unusual--I usually run out of needles completely before I buy more.)

Got distracted.

At 9:30 I sat down and thought, "Now I'm FINALLY getting these pillowcases made."

Got distracted.

At 10:00 I FINALLY started sewing and got the pillowcases made.

Here they are:

I made the polka-dotted ones, and the pink in the middle is from her sheet set. The comforter has one side lime green and one side pink. (If I was a better picture taker, I would've artfully postitioned the pillows on the comforter, but it was already packed. And by then it was 10:30, so use your imagination.)

I took the following pictures today to show that I don't just knit at baseball games, I also knit at soccer practices.

Why am I on the other side of the road, you ask?

Because of this lovely little tree, that provides shade the perfect size for my chair.

Other popular hangout places are under the other little tree to the right, and then in the shade of the sign by the field. The truly brave among us sit in the sun and fry.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Homework Time

It's that time of year again, going back to school, getting back into a routine (and a regular bedtime), and starting homework again. Today is the first day of school for the youngest two. The middle school bus came at an early 6:11 am. I'm typing this while waiting for the second bus.

This is my homework that I've been doing. Two days have gone by, but I've done my homework for each day. Notice that I'm now past the sock heel and am to the faster, but longest, part of the sock.

This picture was taken in the morning light--I haven't seen that for awhile.

I've planted some more fake flowers. In amongst them you'll find a couple of real ones--volunteers from last year that done't seem to need any water to grow.

Is it too much?

Don't get used to my blogging at this time of morning. I plan on practicing my "going back to sleep" techniques!

Now that's homework that I can enjoy!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Element of danger

The sock has had it's required 6 rows knitted on it today and is waiting for the heel.

Next, a correction about my 45 things about me post where I say that I'm not using math at work (#28). And while I stand by my statement that I don't use math while muttering 3 digit numbers, I will occasionally use math throughout the day.

Say, if a purchase cost $4.96 and a customer gives me a $5 bill. I mistakenly type in $500 and the register says that I owe change of $495.04. I use math enough to know that something's wrong... And then have to figure out the correct change (that's the hard part.)

At this point I should tell you that I had a math major in college and taught math in middle school for three years. Also, you should know that I'm not very quick with money. Someone recently said that if you major in math, you don't actually deal with numbers, and that's so true. Triple integrals, differential equations, Fibonacci sequence--yes. Figuring change from a $5 bill--no.

That all being said, my register is usually correct. I attribute this to the fact that no one knows about my math degree and therefore there's no pressure to perform.

(And yes, I also do the addicting Sudoku puzzles.)

In an effort to stay in the blogging world, I have taken pictures of my newest yarn purchase (pictured on top of DD#1's rug for college. Evidence that she really IS leaving.)

Here's my eight 8 oz. skeins of White Buffalo 3ply in a pretty turquoise that I got from ebay.

It's crazy. I've never knit with unspun before. My first attempt was to try knitting with just one strand. I found that if I looked at it too hard it would pull apart. Next, I tried with all 3. (Yes, it's wound with all 3 at a time, I just never noticed that at the beginning.) Much stronger. (Unless I jump up to answer the phone and have it wrapped around me. Then I break all 3 plies.)

I really don't have to do any twisting, just knit as it is off the ball, (or cake, as it's affectionately called.)

Here's the beginning of a cardigan for me. This is my other main project that I'm try to work on a couple of rows each day. It's a pattern found in "Quick Knits to Wear".

I quickly got bored of the seed stitch and am adding a few rows of garter. (May not be a more interesting knit, but will make it go faster.)

Now that you know about my math, you may think that I sit down and graph out the design, figuring proportionally where to put the design interest to fully catch the eye.

While a lot of math knitters do that, I prefer the "eyeballing" technique. In this case, it's accompanied by the "can't rip it out without it becoming a mass of disconnected fibers" technique.

Why not add an element of danger?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A chick has flown the coop

That's right, my oldest DS has flown the coop--literally--as he flew down to U of Miami yesterday to start a new year of college. This is the first year that he's been so far away, and I'm feeling kinda sad. I offered to knit him something, but really--in Miami what's he gonna need? A hat? A sweater? I don't think so. I'm not even sure that he took a sweatshirt with him, although I tried to convince that there might be days when it's needed.

I'll just wait for the email, "Hey, mom, can you mail me my sweatshirt", which I cheerfully will, including a nice little "I told you so." Ah, a mother lives for those moments.

Anyway, in an effort to get back into blogging, I've taken a picture of my Sixth Sense socks. I can't even remember how long ago the challenge started, but there's been 2 more socks assigned since then. I'm trying to finish these first and am trying a goal of knitting at least 6 rows each day (one repeat). They're almost ready for the heel, and then they'll go faster.

They're laying on top of my fake flower bushes, "planted" just today at the front of my house. (If anyone's driving past, take a look--they're by the sidewalk.) They were on sale for 99 cents, so I figured it was worth it to have some color.

Nothing like some fake flowers to dress up the outside!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


While I wasn't blogging, I managed to go on a mini vacation. Took in a family reunion, some shopping, spending time with my dad and brother, and spent a day at an amusement park.

Not just any amusement park, but the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World." Cedar Point was my favorite amusement park as a child, and has become my family's favorite in recent years. This year, only our two youngest could go while the oldest two were busy with jobs and baseball(what else?). I felt bad that the whole family wasn't there, but I wasn't above calling DD#1: "Hey, guess where we are right NOW? That's right, in line for the Dragster!"

In all the previous years, I've had a child too young or short (or scared) to go on the roller coasters, so I stayed on the ground with the younger one(s) while DH took the brave ones riding high. This year, though, the youngest finally was ready.

I said, "Okay, if the rest of you are riding the coasters, then I will too."

Big mistake.

I was already sorta sure that I didn't like coasters, and I came home with a 100% positive feeling that I DIDN'T like them. Not the wooden ones. Not the smooth ones. Not the hanging ones. Not the catapult one. Not the twisting ones.

I'm too old. I get too woosy. Too scared. (Did I mention too old?)

The rest of the family got off exclaiming, "Wow, that was GREAT!!!!" while I exclaimed "Wow, I survived!"

By the time we were done with the Dragster, I had ridden all the big ones, and was content to sit on a bench waiting for the rest. (If it wasn't so hot and I wasn't so sticky, I would've wished for my knitting. As it was, I sat still and sweated while waiting.)

So the next time I decide to ride Millennium Force
"Termed a "giga-coaster" for its extreme height, this colossal coaster looms an incredible 310 feet above the ground and reaches a top speed of 93 mph!"

Or the Mean Streak
"Built in 1991, this wooden forest of hills and thrills features a stunning 161-foot-tall first hill, a blazing top speed of 65 mph and more than 5,400 feet of hair-raising excitement.
Made from 1.7 million board feet of treated Southern yellow pine, Mean Streak is still one of the tallest and fastest wooden roller coasters in the universe."

Or Top Thrill Dragster
"Riders begin their epic journey aboard this whopping 42-story screamer by securing themselves into ultra-cool trains that resemble top fuel dragsters. The train then moves into a "starting line" position, where it is launched forward, reaching 120 mph in approximately four seconds. The train then zooms straight up the 420-foot-tall hill on track that rotates 90 degrees, crests the coaster's apex and then free falls back to Earth. As the train races 400 feet to the ground, the track twists an unbelievable 270 degrees – what a rush!"

Someone please remind me that this:

is more my speed.

45 things about me

In an effort to get back into blogging, without actually blogging (believe me, I've written plenty of entries in my head. It's the photographs and uploading where I get stuck), I'm going to do a questionaire.... I got it off another blog, and changed a couple of questions...just because I can!

2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My mother's older sister. Interestingly enough, I have a twin cousin who was born on the same day and is also named Ruth! (She's MUCH older than me, though, about 3 hours.)
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? At a wedding last Saturday. I cry at all weddings. I even cried at wedding of DH's co-worker, who I had barely met.
4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Yes, but only the printing. Don't ask me to use cursive for anything.
6. KIDS? Twenty. No, wait, they just seeeeeem like 20. It's actually four.
7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? I hope so. That would be quite a statement if I didn't want to be friends with me.
9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Yes, although I try to limit it. When it's people that don't know me well they think I'm serious.
11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? HA! Never! I don't even care for roller coasters (which is a subject for a different post.)
14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Yes, but not in my arms. Only when I'm using my entire body.
16. SHOE SIZE? 10.
17. RED OR PINK? Pink, but only if it's Fushia.
18. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? I'm not very verbal. I think in pictures and sounds, but not in words. I rely a lot on other people interpreting what I mean.
20. WHAT SHOULD YOU BE DOING RIGHT NOW INSTEAD OF THIS? Cooking dinner. I haven't thought about it yet, and it's already 6:30. And also laundry. And maybe a nap.
21. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Old jeans shorts and bare feet.
22. LAST THING YOU ATE? Espresso and some slices of cheese. (That's why I'm not cooking supper--I'm not hungry.)
25. FAVORITE SMELL? Strawberry or vanilla.
26. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My son. (He called around question 20.)
27. FAVORITE TIME OF DAY? Afternoon, after my nap.
28. WHAT DO PEOPLE TEASE YOU ABOUT? I talk to myself. I plan out whole conversations--the kids are always teasing me about it. Now, at work, I talk in numbers. I walk around muttering, "246. 246. No wait, this is a 437." (This implies that I work with math. Not true. I work in the flower section of Michaels and am putting them back all day long--matching the UPC labels.)
30. FAVORITE SPORT? To watch--diving on the Olympics. To play--volleyball or softball (at least, that's what I remember when I still did something besides take naps.)
31. EYE COLOR? Blue.
32. HAT SIZE: Large.
33. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? YES!!!! And also reading glasses. Uggh. But only for work,which, of course, is where most people see me. And then I forgot them on Weds. so had to go around and ask people until I found an extra pair.
34. FAVORITE FOOD? Mashed potatoes. (Hmm, that might be good for supper.)
38. SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer. But I want to live where there's also a winter.
40. FAVORITE DESSERT? Cheesecake.
41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? FInale of "So You Think You Can Dance".
42. FAVORITE SOUNDS? I dunno. The beach?
44. WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? I can procrastinate with the best of them.
45 WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU BORN? December in West. PA, same as twin cousin, but she's older.