Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I know it's not winter.

While hospital visiting this week, I've managed to finish a couple of items.

First my hat.

"Yes, I know it's not winter."

I've said this to each kid in my house tonight. Even if it's not winter, I can finish a hat, can't I? It matches my scarf with the Saxon braid pattern. I made the top decreases like the pattern on MagKnits.

I used my metal dpns to finish up the top. At least 3 times one slid out and clattered to the floor. "Umm....sorry, honey. Did that wake you?"

The tiger socks are also done. (Ah, tiger socks.) The toe is a bit too long and pointy, but otherwise I love them.

CIC socks are coming along. I found enough yarn to finish the first pair without the creative striping. A second pair is started. (I know it's sweater month....I'll just get to that later....)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A sock and a half and a half

My small and lonely sock has been joined by a half sock and a half sock, done on a trip this weekend. The first half sock was heading towards completion when I ran out of yarn. I've been afraid to look for a new ball of the same color, because if I don't find it I'll have to do some creative striping.

The second half sock (ah, tiger yarn...) was started as far as the ribbing, but all the rest was done in the past 24 hours, mostly in the car. I've been loving the fact that I can knit in the car (when I'm not driving) without getting car sick (and believe me, so does my family. :)

(On a side note: the same knitting that can be worked on during meetings when things get tense can also be turned into weapons if need be. See all those sharp points? Just sayin'....but glad it wasn't needed. :)

Ugly Afghan Update:
Here's my ugly afghan with the addition of 2 rows of granny's daughters. I have plenty left over to add another set of rows when the time is right. (How can I tell? Good question....)

There's nothing that'll show off an ugly afghan to its full advantage than to take the picture agains a plaid couch!

Friday, April 21, 2006

One lonely sock

That's right. One lonely sock. All alone. And lonely.

That's all I've knit this week. Not only is it just one sock, but it's also one little toddler-sized sock. It's for Children In Common, the new Sixth Sense CIC sock from 6SOXKAL. Nice fun pattern from Susan.

While checking out my camera to see if anything magically appeared, completely knitted and forgotten about (HA!), I came across these pictures.

They're taken by DD#2. (That's right. #2 the younger, not #1 the elder. I'm told I confuse these numbers at times.)

Not only are these great pictures, but I haven't even cropped ANYTHING! (unlike mine where I routinely crop.)

Amazing, huh? Puts my pictures to shame.

Hmmm....I think I have a job for her.....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Warning! This post mentions acrylic!

Last week our water system went out with a wimper. It needed a new pipe going down the well, and this new storage tank.

(I'm trying to refrain from figuring out how much yarn I could've bought with this money. Let's just say.....many, many, many skeins....)

A couple of good things came about because of it, though.

I got a new faucet in the kitchen (while we're fixing things anyway....).

I have re-found my acrylic stash. I always knew it was stored underneath the stairs (same closet as the storage tank. See above picture and imagine every inch crammed with boxes.) But, since it was out already, I've consoladated it into one big bag.

I found the start of this afghan, and proceeded to work on it over the weekend.

Yep, ugly, I know, but a good way to use up scraps doing a single crochet stitch, row-by-row, of different colors.

Here's some granny's daughters that I also found. They're also called Circles of Hope and can be combined to make afghans for charity. (I've made several baby ones, and they turn out cute.) Check out this website for more info.

I'm thinking of combining these with my scrappy afghan. What'll be the worst that will happen? It'll be ugly? Well that ship has already sailed. (Years ago I was involved in a crochet group that made afghans for Warm Up America. We had at least one blanket that we made that we hoped the recipient would be color blind. Is that bad?)

I have been doing a bit of knitting, also, which I hope to show you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wild Life

When last we left off with this Opal Rainforest "Tiger" sock yarn, I had decided to make Tiger socks for DS#2 for Christmas. Realizing that
1) It required size 1 dpns and
2) I didn't have size 1 dpns and
3) there's NOOOOO way I have time to get them and knit the socks before Christmas,
I shelved the project for later and knit him a quick pair of red socks out of Wool-ease.

Fast forward a couple of months to where
1) I have bought the dpns and
2) DS no longer needs a pair of socks, so I can make them for ME! seeing that
3) I had originally bought the yarn for me to begin with and
4) I have knit the sock and found that hey! sz 1's aren't as bad as they seem! and
5) I had lots of basketball practices/games to attend,
I have now completed one sock.

It joins the wild life on DD#1's bed. (For the record, I barely disturbed the bed to take a picture. Just moved a couple of pillows around. The jungle cats were already in that corner and I really didn't need that glare and huff when she discovered what I had done. Just saying.....)

I must be on a Wild Life theme, because I also picked up this eyeglass case to embroider. (Yep. Needing the eyeglass case for the new reading glasses. Sigh..... It's not fair having to wear contacts and reading glasses at the same time. I feel the same way as when I first started getting wrinkles and realized that the pimples had yet to go away. I mean, really! Wrinkles AND pimples? Not fair!)

It's been a while since I've done embroidery. Several mistakes have already been made, and been left in, because hey! I'll need my reading glasses to see them!

Dyed a skein of yarn, getting ready for the CIC challenge for April/May. Sweaters and vests!