Saturday, February 02, 2008

More about my teal yarn...

After knitting my teal cardie, I had lots of yarn left over. Since I have my spinning wheel and all, and since the White Buffalo yarn is unspun, I decided to spin it, ply it, and knit with it. Why all that work, you ask?

The answer is the same as "Why do climb a mountain? Because it's there."

Anyway, here's the beginning. After spinning 2 bobbins, I started to ply them together, only to realize that the yarn was too fat to go into the bobbin hooks. Therefore it had to be spun by hand using my trusty "CD and dowel stick" spindle.

It was quite tedious, but it did its job. (A plying bobbin might be in my future, however.)

The resulting yarn looks like this. Very bulky, but it knits up quickly.

On a side note, DH came into the kitchen yesterday and saw my crockpot.

"Oh, are you dyeing yarn?" (He never even thinks about food in the crockpot now, it's all about the yarn.)

"And in the living room, what are the water bottles for?"

"To weigh down my just-plied-and-washed skeins, of course." I said.

Seeing me take them from the frig, he asked, "Do they need to be cold?"

"No, that would just be silly."

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valéria said...

hehehehe....that's funny ;) but now i know why your son had such a great answer about those G.I joes he's just like his mother :D :D :D...

Love the pictures of your children at the game and your DH...well i guess you were all very brave with those t-shirts on. :D