Friday, February 01, 2008


Last night we went to UMD v. UMiami girls basketball game. DD#2's Bball team got tickets and matching shirts. DD chose to wear the shirt.

The rest of our family chose to wear Miami colors. We were quite alone. (We counted 6 other Miami fans amongst the sea of MD fans. Good thing that Miami lost by such a large margin, 90-50, otherwise we might've been in trouble.)

DH was brave and sat in the middle of the Bball team, who loved harrassing him.

Even though DD wore her red shirt, she still cheered the loudest for Miami.

I saw this crazy hat that looked to be crocheted, but it turned out to be a net! (DH tried to get a better pic for me and ran after her, but she quickly went to the other side of the court. Do you think she knew she had a stalker?)

I started a CIC toddler sweater and got this much done:

(Finally some knitting content. That sure took awhile!)

It was a fun night!

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