Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend update

Baseball news: DS's team swept the series and he pitched 4 solid innings before coming out due to pitch count. (Averaged 91-93 mph, and spiking at 95).
Basketball news: DD#2's team won by one point. It was so exciting that I didn't even take out my knitting (but it was in my really big, really orange purse all ready to go.)
Soccer news: DS's team won by a whole bunch to zero. DD#2 actually brought her knitting along to knit beside me. (I think I have a true convert here!)

The teal CIC sweater has been in timeout long enough. I got it out and reknitted the neckline, which now fits over my head, so it's good to go.

Moving on, but still not owning the correct needle sizes, I started the sleeves. I picked up stitches around the armhole, then proceeded to knit the sleeve "flat" that will be sewn up later. This saves sewing one seam, and helps in figuring how big to make it.

This worked good, until I ran out of yarn with this much left to go:

So... I had to spin some more unspun yarn, ply it, wash it, and let it dry. This will be tonight's knitting (unless I fall asleep on the couch).

I finally took some pics of my completed scarf. Remember the yarn I bought in Jan? (Moonlight Mohair on sale for $2 per skein. I made a shawl in the beginning of the week, then bought more towards the end. This is the result.)

I had thought about doing a simple lace pattern, and thought about it for awhile before I remembered Alison's book "Wrapped in Comfort, Knitted Lace Shawls". Not only does she have beautiful shawl patterns, she also has several scarf patterns. This one is the Concert Scarf (only doing one pattern repeat).

It was lots of fun. So much so, I might even try a shawl one day.


valéria said...

You've been very busy I see ;-) Love the scarf, that's very, very pretty. I've been playing with dye as you can see on my blog. The sun is shining right now so I'll go and hang it outside to dry.

Take care.
Valeria :-)

Diane said...

Beautiful scarf. Can't believe you got that close to finishing before the knitting gods laughed and used up all the spun yarn. They are evil, evil gods at times.

Alison said...

Cool! Thank you!

--AlisonH at