Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Penguin Kindle Cover

To celebrate my 50th birthday on 12/12/12, my DH got me a Kindle Fire!

By the next day, I was already knitting for it. I may have heard a comment or two along these lines....

"You've been knitting for your Kindle more than you're been using it."

That may or may not have been true, but my Kindle needed to be fashionable, didn't it? Anyway, I designed this cover, wrote up the pattern, and listed it on Ravelry.

 Click on Penguin Kindle Cover if you want to make your own penguin.

And then your Kindle can be fashionable, too!

Flash Your Stash 2013

So, I was on Ravelry and saw the thread for "Flash Your Stash 2013". Every other year I had decided that this was way too much work to do, For some reason, though, this year it seemed like a good idea. 

A long while later.... (along with several comments along the lines of "are you going to put that all away when you're done?") and I was done.

This is what I have at the start of 2013. Here's my roving (the fleece is new, bought in the fall, and waiting until I get up the nerve to start):

Here's the handspun by me:
(the spindle is a red herring.  The yarn was exclusively spun on my spinning wheel.)

Here's my wool stash, the biggest group of them all:

Here's the sock stash:
(most of this is now good deals from various websites bought for M4A purposes. Not too much really expensive yarn left. Good thing? Bad thing?)

Acrylic, cotton, and random bits and pieces:

Here are my FOs.  They're waiting for a need somewhere and until then it's nice to have a stock of things.  Some will be for M4A or for new babies.

Lastly, here is a pile of UFOs.  More socks than I realized, but one is a current project and one is almost current.  (And one is waiting until I find that missing ball of yarn.)  One vest, furthest on the right, is my oldest UFO.  I have thoughts of finishing it in January.  The blue blob in the middle is a sweater for me that I started in the fall.  I picked it back up over the weekend and hope to get it done soon.   Well, as soon as I knit some sleeves.  So I guess I should say....  soonish.

While I have a nice-sized stash, and I could certainly knit exclusively from it for a couple of years, at least it still seems manageable to me. So, I'm not going to really go on a yarn diet, just try to continue on, only buying yarn if it's a really good deal, or if I really need it for a specific sweater or such.