Monday, March 03, 2008


I"ve been boring lately, I know. It's not always a bad thing to have nothing to talk about. That means that life is just moving on "regularly".

Knitting has been moving on regularly also.

I decided as time went on that maybe I HADN'T knit that second red sock, so I did it again just in case. I'm going to try to remember not to use up the leftover yarn in case the other sock shows up one day.

Valeria suggested that I look behind my dryer for my missing sock. That is a violation of sock rule #6: "Socks never hid in the same place twice. They must always hid in a different spot to confuse the owner."

The completion of my red socks meant I could finally take a group picture. Everybody smile:

This grouping is for a pattern that I wrote for CIC. It's been sent off to the test knitters to be tested. And knitted. (What better than redundancy than more redundancy?)

Meanwhile, my Big Basin socks are reaching completion.

I had thought to finish them tonight, but the pattern proofreading, picture taking, and taxes-filling-out all got in the way.

Maybe tomorrow.

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valéria said...

The sock rule here is when a sock is missing?? It always pops up where you've always searched and didn't see it. Perhaps it can do an invisible spell on himself??

Love the socks. Do you like the coffeebean pattern?? I think it's a good way to get off the borring tricot you get when you knit the plain socks.

Regularly isn't boring just doing your thing and rest untill the next things that come up :) That's how i think of it :)
Take care.