Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Longer hemline

Let me show you the results of today's project. When I made my raglan sweater last year, the body felt entirely long enough. Over the course of year, however, it seemed to get shorter. (Or styles got longer?) Here's a pic of it on me here .

I had some yarn left over, so decided to add to the hem. This is a picture of it originally.

It is 3x3 garter ribbing. I loved it, but it wasn't long enough.

Knowing that if you pick up stitches and knit downward, the stitch shifts over a half stitch, I put in 3 rows of garter stitch to disguise that fact. Then, I found a simple lace pattern from "Knitting on the Edge" called quill eyelet. I did several rows of that, and ta-da! it's now longer.

(The wonders of digital photography. I can take multiple views of my midsection, and only pick out the one that shows the bump of my belt and not the bump of too-many-chocolates-since-V's-Day.)

The next question is: Will it be cold enough to wear it to work tomorrow? (My job makes me sweat, so the answer mostly likely is "no".) Will I wear it anyway, even if it's unblocked? (I will at least take out the stitch marker and hide the end.) Will I at least take it off and hide the ends tonight, or will I fall asleep on the couch, only to do it tomorrow, 5 minutes before walking out the door?


valéria said...

That's a clever solution :) looks great. Don't know if it's too cold over there in maryland but here?? Nope no way that I get inspired for sweater knitting... :S just too warm.

Marguerite said...

Very pretty. It looks like you planned it that way.