Friday, February 17, 2006

Day Six: Slightly Distracted

I might've gotten slightly distracted from the Knitter's Olympics. Since I figure there's no way that I'll finish the sweater in the amount of time left, why not do other interesting things along the way?

First, I'm trying out the handwarmer pattern in DK weight on #3's.

This is Cascade Bollicine yarn, very springy merino wool. While DD#2 says that so far it fits (she has much smaller hands than I), I'm rather sceptical. Might as well do the whole hand, though, before deciding for sure.

This came about in a rather neat way. I contacted my LYS owner, told her that I had written a pattern, and told her about the CIC wristwarmer challenge. She gave (that's right--GAVE!) me this yarn to try out, hoping to make a store sample in a smaller size (at the end of March it'll be going to CIC). She's also promoting the challenge through her store, so hopefully we'll have a selection on wristwarmers to mail in another month and a half.

In another side venture (even Olympians need to take a break from training), I might've made a bunny.

I've been helping at DD#2's school for the their after school knitting program. Eighteen girls meet once a week and are learning to knit.

I was a little worried the first day, though, when there was only one left hander, and I wasn't sure she got it. (Great. One kid that I was responsible for, and I failed.....) But the next week she came back, and was much better, and seemed to have gotten it.

Anyway, I made this bunny for the group to show what you can do with a st st square and 2 garter st bunny ears. Here's the pattern.

Here's a picture to show that underneath the covers, the slight bump to the left, is my dog. That's right. That's his favorite place to be--preferably with a pair of legs.

Here's my KO progress--the back is finished! (And the bump is starting to move.)

The bump has surfaced. Hey--what are you doing out here?

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Birdsong said...

VERY cute sequence with the dog! Don't feel too bad about mistakes, they happen, shrieking kids or not. I made a mistake by not consulting your directions at a critical point, but now have two wristwarmers that match (still way too big for me, but they are for CIC after all...). I also have to rip a project that was for a gift, but looks terrible made on size 35 needles - what was I thinking?! It's all part of the process.