Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Roundup

For my "finishing" month, I finished my Cobblestone pullover. It's done. For good. Amen. (Except that the neck feels tight. Maybe I should..... fix..... it......)

I also made two bunnies.

And a hat.

And a hat and a hat and a hat.

Not to be outdone by a red/black pair of socks for ME!

Hats, hats, hats

While procrastinating over the sweater, I made a hat or two. Or three.

This is my favorite, made from Caron Simply Soft Shadows in the 0004 Autumn colorway. It's 100% acrylic, but oh-so-soft. It looks perfect in this pattern called The Perfect Beret. (This is a ladies medium done as written.)

I got on this hat kick after a talk with DD#1. She mentioned that her friend really liked one of her hats that I've made, and how she would love one herself.

Since I knit for charity all the time, I figured it would just be the same to knit for a college kid--that's pretty close to charity after all. (Especially with today's tuition prices.)

However, she will never see this one, it's now DD#2's. (I told her she could have first pick and this is what she chose.)

But, the friend might pick this one. It's Mustikka by Suvi Simola.
Yarn is Patons Classic wool. Pattern done just as written with size 4 and 6 circs and sz 6 dpns.

Or this one. Another Unoriginal hat.

Doubled Chaco yarn, knitted as written. I've made this with homespun before and it's been larger. This one is almost not large enough.

And if you're head is cold, put them all on at the same time!

Two years and one month, more or less

This sweater began two years ago on Dec. 25th, 2007, when I got purple roving for a Christmas present. (Picked out by me, but given by DH). It's been 2 years, one month, and 5 days, but now I present to you:

My Cobblestone pullover!

It's been washed and blocked (with built-in shoulders that are not where mine are as you can see from the below pic). Ready to wear on the first cold day.

Wait, that's today! 10 inches of snow fell yesterday and here we are again.

Cobblestone pullover by Jared Flood
Size 10.5 needles
yarn spun by me
two pounds purple roving from the Copper Moose.
1 pound red from The Sheep Shed Studio.
Big change in gauge so big changes in st counts. Idea of pattern was still followed (I think).
Plied with 1 strand red and 1 strand purple. Ran out of red so made a solid purple yoke with a blended edging.

Whee! It's done!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They can all suffer

I bit the bullet last night and finished my Cobblestone sweater. Today it is blocking on DH's side of the bed. One of the very few perks to him being away on vacation a business trip. (I always think vacation even though I know he's working hard. But....he is in Florida....)

I think I like it better than I used to. At least, I like it well enough that I'm not ripping it out. I'll model it again for you in the daytime when it's dry.

However, DD#2 and DS#1 both don't like it. DS went so far as to say that he'd like me to not wear it anytime we're in public together. (Note to self: For the next week, do not cook any food that DS#1 likes. Better yet, Do not cook for the next week. They can all suffer.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where the train got derailed

I've set aside the month of January as the month of finishing. The first project I decided to work on was my Cobblestone sweater. Every day I did a bit of knitting, spinning, plying, and knitting.

Finally, it got to the point of trying it on, and that's when the train got derailed.

Hmmm.... Not sure I like it. At all.

The purple is not intense enough. but there's too much of it. And it's too bulky.

Now what?

I've been pondering that for the last week as it sits in the corner (who am I kidding? It's on the floor where I flung it in disgust.)

Finally, I got around to taking a picture to show you my dilema.


It's not so bad after all. (Although my hair could use some help!)(And check out that paper scrap that says the needle size--very attractive, don't you think?)

Maybe I should finish it. (There are 5 rows left, although I have to spin more purple yarn. Or use the red/purple yarn--I have enough of that.)

What do you think?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thursday

That is, if it is Thursday. I've been a bit unsure all day.

Here are some random thoughts and odds and ends, in no particular order:

1. I try my best to keep a piece of plain knitting around to take to events. Unfortunately, when I carry it inside the house, I tend to work on it until it's complete. Even though I work on other projects, I think my favorite is plain, non-thinking knitting.

The good news is: I've cast on for a new sock. (Not the ones I need to start, just the ones I'm going to work on while deciding about the others.)

These made it to the B-ball game last night. DD#2's team won, but then she had to stay for the varsity game and that went into double overtime. And then they lost. It was quite a night.

But I got some knitting done.

More charity socks in the works--these will be going to Mittens-for-Akkol.
68 sts, size 1 dpns.

2. Even though it looks like from my snowy pictures that we don't have any neighbors, we actually do have some. We all have 2-5 acres down here in the back. I can see a house out of each window, but the closest are in the front and the back. The house out front used to have horses and came with a really pleasant aroma, especially in the summertime. I haven't seen or smelled them lately, so maybe there's none there now.

We aren't really close to anything, though. The nearest anything-of-importance is at least 7 miles away. (grocery store, post office, what have you.) However, in last few months a Papa John's pizza opened up close enough to deliver! It was a happy day, I tell you. (Not that we actually have it delivered, we go get it. It's just the thought that we could have it delivered.)

3. My big penguin was my newest addition to my penguin collection. I put them out on the table for Christmas and leave it up until the end of January. (My Christmas tree is another story--that's just not put away 'cause I'm too lazy. And I'd rather knit.)

4. I have not had any more needles show up around here, even though I tried to shame them into showing themselves. All I have to say, is that if there a needlegnome, I'm sure that he doesn't want me to send my yarn to the Netherlands! (And I don't even own any Malabrigo!)(Note to self: really must buy some yarn.)

5. Happy Blogversary to me! I missed it again--it was 7 days ago. I've actually been writing this since Jan. of 2005, and some of you crazy people have been hanging around since then! Thanks a bunch for sticking with me. (I'm not quite sure how you did, though. Not even my English course helped with my disjointed sentences.)

6. Since January is my "finishing" month, I've been working on finishing my Cobblestone sweater. Almost every day I've been doing something on it: spinning, plying, washing, knitting, worrying.

Today, I joined the sleeves and started to knit the bodice.

"Wow! I can see the end of the tunnel!!!" I thought. (That random piece of paper on the sleeve actually says 10.5-- the needle size that I used in case I put it aside for another year. Aren't you proud of me?)

Three rows later, I thought, "This bodice is going to take absolutely forever! And I most likely will run out of yarn!"

But, I'll keep plugging along in hopes that I'm incorrect. (Why is it that I can be wrong about a lot of things, but when I think I'm going to run out of yarn, I'm almost always right?)

This is what I have left.

Not so much, considering the first ball is almost used up on 3 rows.

Sigh. I have a bit of the red/purple twist left. Maybe that will make a nice neckband.

That's enough random things for today. Maybe I can have an orderly tomorrow. (But probably not.)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My red and black "let's cheer the team on" socks are done.

My newest penguin is inspecting them.

DD#2 came into the room about this time and suggested that I put my feet under its wings to take a picture that way.

What? Are you crazy? That involves stomach muscles that left me in 1986. (Coincidentally, the same year as the birth of my first child.)

"If I don't get a good picture the first time, it'll be your turn."

These are the ones she took, along with about 10 other ones.

Show off!

Plain vanilla pattern. 68 sts on size 1 needles.70 row cuff, 74 row foot. 19 st pickup on heel side.
Yarn: Special ordered and dyed just for me from Ray at I have enough to do (or rather, re-do) a pair of gloves plus maybe another pair of socks.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What I took and what I did

Taking up where I left off....

In the 23 minutes I had left before last Sat's soccer game, I did some stash diving to find some new yarn to make DD#1 a cabled hat (option #3). Nothing struck my eye (note to self: must buy yarn) and I realized that it would be quicker to look for some smaller needles.

So I did.

And I took the fair isle hat (option #1).

And didn't knit on it until after the game in the lobby.

And then lost an earflap. (Can you imagine someone finding a triangle-ish piece of knitted fabric and trying to figure out what it was and what it was doing there?)

That evening I worked on it some more.
I got the earflaps (all 3 of them) and a couple of inches of hat done that night.

The next day I had to make some goodies to go with the hat (since a package to a child really must include something edible). Both recipes I got from Bakerella.

This one is called Christmas crunch.

I used white candy melts, pretzels, crispix cereal, and a bag of trail mix.

Also, I made brownie bites. I've made cake bites a couple of times, but this is the first time for brownies. I can't find the recipe, but it's like cake bites except using a brownie mix, baked, and 8 oz. of cream cheese.

(As I was looking for the recipe I found this one that I might have confused it with. This is the same thing but with Oreos instead.)

Of course, I saved some for us.

By the time I got done doing all that, plus finding clean work clothes, basketball practice jersey, signed a permission form, and all the other various "getting ready for the next day" things that we do, it was 9:30 pm.

Time to finish the hat.

I was up until 12:45 am, but it got done.

It's a tight fit, but she has a small head, so hopefully it will work.

Pattern: ear flap hat. This is the Ravelry link, the direct link isn't working for me.
Size 8 needles.
Patons classic wool for all, colors chosen by DD.

Added 2 sts to pattern that repeats 3 times for a total of 6 sts. Should have added more--it's still rather tight. Doubled yarn for earflap and 17 sts, 3 ridges of garter stitch at botttom rather than st st. Star decrease at top (had 81 sts so decreased every 9 sts, etc.) 330 wraps for pompom, 9 strands of pink, doubled over, for the braids.

The package got in the mail today (including her contacts--the orginal reason for the package) and I came home from work and took a nap.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Panic time!

I have 30 minutes until we leave for a soccer game and have nothing to knit!

Should I:

1) Take the fair isle hat which needs to be done on Monday but the gauge is too big so I need to frog and start over, and maybe add a couple of stitches and find the smaller needles? Phew, that's way too complicated to do at a soccer game where I'm sitting on the floor.

2) Start a new pair of socks, which are on my list but the skein still needs to be wound into a ball (now there's only 27 minutes left). Not enough time.

3) Start a new hat that can be done by Monday but which wasn't on my list. That will involve stashing diving. (25 minutes).

4) Take nothing since I'll be sitting on the floor, anyway. But I may have down time. Sitting in a chair. Getting twitchy if I have nothing to do.

Maybe I should eat lunch. And get dressed. (24 minutes).

It's panic time!

Maybe I should take a nap (my defense mechanism when things get too stressful.)

23 minutes and counting.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Where are all my needles??






Even if I leave them lying around (which I usually do), I will eventually find them. And put them away.

Now, I'm missing several sizes.

Or I never had them.

But I'm voting for just missing them.

They're not in other projects. I checked.

W h e r e

a r e

t h e y ?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursdays (and Wednesdays and Tuesdays)

Thursdays are for napping when I go to bed too late on Wednesdays.

Thursdays are for blogging when I'm up too late on Wednesdays, especially when I'm spinning.

Wednesdays are for spinning when I don't get around to it on Tuesdays. (Because Tuesdays really are the day for spinning).

Tuesdays are for dentist appts. when I make the appt. 7 months in advance. Tuesdays are not for working on my sweater UFO when I'm sitting in the dentist's office.

Tuesdays are for sock knitting in the dentist's office, even for turning the heel.

Thursdays are for showing off sweater progress, especially the spinning and the almost-done sleeves.

Thursdays are for cooking supper while blogging and trying not to burn it.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The month of finishing

I've had a couple of days off work. That, plus a daily nap has restored me to the land of the living. (Plus, some good hand cream which is restoring the state of my hands. Work does a number on them. I get a daily cut, usually from a staple, or broken nail plus handling cardboard boxes dries them out like crazy. They've been feeling better, but not good enough to clean the bathroom. They may never be that good. But, I digress.)

All of the above means that I've been able to do some knitting and some blogging. Tomorrow, though, begins another week of work. And school starts and so the routine begins again.

As in most years, I'll be using January as the month of finishing. It's a good time when all is cold outside to finish up a woolen thing or two.

My first project is to finish my Cobblestone sweater, which has been 2 years in the making. (Maybe longer, but I'm not checking--I might get depressed).

For the last couple of days I've been working on the sleeve and it's been going very quickly. The needles are larger than I'm used to, so I'm knitting until my hands cramp and then switch over to a sock. Wow, what a difference in needle sizes!

I've postponed this sweater since I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn and don't know what to do about it. (Well, since I'm spinning it, I can make solid purple for the yoke which will look good, but I'm not sure what will happen if I run out before I get to the yoke. Plus, the gauge is so different that I'm having to make up the numbers as I go.)

Anyway, I need to switch to the other sleeve to try out this running-out-of-yarn factor. That means I need to find my 10.5 16" circs. Has anyone seen them?

They're not on my coffee table. I know since I just cleaned it up. (Yes, this is clean. You should've seen it before.)

I might have to use another size as a stitch holder. That'll work as long as I remember which is the real size. Better yet, I could write it down. (HA!)

(What a jumbled mess of thoughts. Sorry. This is an accurate picture of how my brain really works.)

So, the month of finishing. I'm going to work on this sweater everyday until it gets finished. That doesn't preclude working on anything else (like a sock), but it should help get this done.

I can do it!

1st FOs of 2010

I present to you my first finished objects of 2010.


They're a bit shy, but when they come out of their hole, they look like this:

Bunny nuggets! (Rav link) Seriously, that's the name. Don't they totally look like nuggets?

I just kinda made them and then they said they were for DD#2's friend who loves orange, so they are going to her tomorrow.

DD#2 thinks the ears look rather evil, but I think they're just quirky.

Orange Plymouth Encore, size 4 dpns, as written for the larger nugget, 16 sts and 10 rows K for the smaller one. 4 st I-cord for larger ears, 3 st I-cord for smaller. Homemade pompoms that actually look like pompoms and not like a bunch of stringy yarn. (25 wraps around 2 fingers for larger, 20 wraps for smaller, tie really tightly and cut very short.)

DD#2's question: Who gets the koala bear? huh? huh?

Sigh. I see more tiny toy knitting in my future.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Out with the old,

and in with the new.

Both were a wonderful birthday gift from RB up the hill. (From different years, of course.)

I'm going to try not to look ahead, but to look at each day it comes. However, it's going to be plenty hard.

(P.S. If you live at my house, you're all a bunch of puzzle slackers, leaving me to do it by myself. Just saying..... put in a piece or two already!)

And to everyone,

Happy New Year!