Friday, February 22, 2008

Opening day

In honor of opening day for college baseball (DS's team, anyway), I bought myself a new purse (on sale at JC Penney's). It's really big and really orange.


My goal was to get a purse that would have separate compartments that would hold my knitting (a sock, at least....maybe not a sweater). It needed a square bottom so it would sit on the floor and not fall over, and have big enough straps to fit over my shoulder. It also needed a zipper compartment to keep all my purse stuff. I didn't want just a brown one, since that would be boring.

It's not boring, is it?

It will match my UM shirt on game days. The rest of the week? I'll stand out in the crowd. (A friend noted that it has the added benefit of embarassing my children out in public. What could be better than that?)

Now, to find some knitting to put in it. Hmmm....I may need to cast on to a new project. :)


Ruth said...

OK look here. It is NEVER a god idea to embarres your kids. It just makes them very mad.

Ruth said...

To any of my children who happens to use my id to comment about embarassment:

I WILL SO embarass you, just watch me. Now...go do the dishes!

Jakki said...

I luv it! [Especially the part about embarassing the kids!]