Monday, February 28, 2011

February roundup

It seems like I just wrote January's roundup and it's already time for February's. Crazy.

Here's February at a glance:

DD#2 got her learner's permit (she actually got it mid-Jan., but since I didn't mention it then, I will now.) Things are going well. All the cars (and my sanity) are still in one piece. She's driven at nighttime, in the rain, in the fog, in the wind, but so far not in the snow. (And don't send any our way--I'm not interested. There's always next year.)

Basketball season (DD#2)is done except for varsity playoffs, so not much more knitting time there. But never fear, outdoor soccer practices (DS#2)have begun. And track season (DD#2) starts tomorrow. Phew. I'm glad I'm only doing the running around. There's still lots of knitting time in my future.

I finally finished the hoodie! I've switched the person it's going to, and I think it's going to fit the new grad much better. Blocking helped stretch out the fair isle and get everything into shape. (Thanks, Captain Obvious!)(My asst. manager said that to me last week and it's going to be my new favorite phrase!)

I made the i-cord tie during the last playoff game, and sewed it in over the weekend. I felt very smart doing that way. Usually I sew it up first and then thread the i-cord through the casing. It's sooooo much easier this way. Plus, I took regular thread and basted around as a guideline where to sew, and just pulled it out afterwards. Wow--who knew that basting actually SAVES time!

There are two more pairs of toddler socks done. The pink are 48 sts and the blue are 44 sts.

Another adult pair of socks:

Patons Kroy orange/grey/black stripe. 64 sts on 2s, knit until yarn is used up and add a black toe.

Another pair of toddler socks:

44sts on 1s. Leftovers from a pair that I made for me.

Finally, I've been working on a pattern. One of the items that the M4A group will be sending to Kazakhstan is baby tights, so I've been writing a pattern. And knitting it. Since I'm a "trial and error" kind of gal, I have to knit each piece to see how it looks. But wow, it's been taking up all my brainpower. And, apparently, my blogging time.

Here's my first version (made from Fisherman's wool):

I sent it out to a mama to test drive it on her baby. Even though there was lots of ribbing, it still tended to slide down so I made an elastic waistband option.

There are garter st heels and toes -- my new favorite. Easy to make, nice to look at.

I have a bunch of test knitters trying out my pattern, so hopefully it will be ready to use soon.

And that's February.