Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Your Final Answer

My brown tubes garnered a couple more good guesses, a couple of "I have no idea"s and at least one "tellmetellmetellme".

Here's one done and in place:

See them now?

They're chair socks!

They're protecting my wood floor since I didn't put down a rug. (The "tellmetellmetellme" person actually guessed this, but didn't think it was right. Too obvious? Too weird?)

The fish clue? It was a red herring. (hahaha. I crack myself up.) They just went in to that shape as I put them down and I only had to move about 3 of them to get it really fish-like.

I made 16 tan ones and 16 dark brown ones (see them waaaaay in the back.) They're tight enough to stay up without being tied on (I hope), and were much faster than knitting to make. (The kids think I should do the couch legs next.)

Speaking of knitting, here's my newest project: The Big Basin socks from 6soxKAL. The yarn is Shaefer Anne in some kind of pink colorway. I bought it last fall sometime at my LYS and it's just been waiting around for the right project.

The gusset increases are actually at the top of the instep and little baby cable ribs. They just make me smile.

I'm thinking I did a couple rows too much (meaning: I thought I should've, but asked for advice, and now it looks like I shouldn't have.) That's okay, though, it won't take long and I'll be back on track.


Alison said...

Big Basin is the name of a park near here with some of the larger redwood trees around; gorgeous area. Beautiful yarn, too.

--AlisonH at

Marguerite said...

Now that I know the answer to the brown tubes, I can sleep at night. :-)

Your red herring was very effective while we were all fishing for an answer.

valéria said...

I'm releaved that i now know what they are :D I still think it would be lot of fun to crochet your own checkers game ;) Clever from you to come up with this idea.

Have a nice weekend :)

Diane said...

I would have never guessed chair socks but what a great idea!