Monday, February 19, 2007


Done! My sweater is sewn together and is done.

I'll try to get an outdoor picture once it's blocked (Okay....not completely done. But done sewing, and that's the hard part).

When I measured the sleeves of my favorite sweater, they were 19". When I measured the one I made last year, they were 20", and I have to roll them up an inch since they're too long. When I made these sleeves 20.5", they are barely long enough. What's up with that?

And while you're explaining, how did my hips get so big? Is it trick photography, or do they look like that in real life? (Smart cookies will ignore this question.)


Nancy said...

I can only dream to have hips like yours when I'm done losing weight.
I plan on blogging my before and after pix when I've lost more. I have a feeling my hips won't look as good as yours still!
BTW, I LOVE your sweater.

Diane said...

Definately trick photography because they look fine to me. I think it's like everything else in life; we see things that others don't.

Marguerite said...

I've had the same questions about sleeve length in my sweaters.

My theory: It's the total wingspan measurement that is important because sweaters can vary in their width across the shoulders and still fit OK.

Also, when trying sleeves on for length I've found it's important to finish off the neckline first. Pulling the neckline together with ribbing or whatever can noticably change the hang of a sleeve.

valéria said...

Hi ruth,

nice to see you and ahum...i won't put a pic up off me as it will take too much band width..:-)) just kidding but i think you look just fine and your sweater does also!!
If it's possible i knit my sleeves from the shoulders to the wrist, so you can change the length when it's to short. Just reverse the pattern and it's easy. I also enjoy doing that because it's getting quicker when you come to the wrist.

Take care,