Saturday, September 01, 2007

Stalking ebay

Guess what I did today?

Was it something outdoorsy on this nice, late summer day? Nope.

Was it something interesting, like going to see a play?

Was it something energetic like painting the walls?

Was it something knittery, considering this is a knitting blog?

I spent a good portion of the day on ebay.

That's right. On ebay.

It wouldn't have been too bad, if the computer wasn't moving slooooower than molasses the whole day.

But...when college starts back up, and the kids need textbooks, it's worthwhile spending the time.

DD sent me an email stating she needed three new books (one she was reusing for the second semester) and the costs ranged from $113.95 to $177.95 and did I want to check out ebay to see if I could find used books cheaper?? betcha, I said.... I'll get right on that.

One was bought the first day. One wasn't found. One was bought today for DS (while I'm ebaying, I might as well.) One was stalked for days until this evening, when I won.

HA! I was victorious!

I've also been trying to sell the previous semester(s) books. That doesn't go quite as well, because the publishers update their editions every couple of years to force the poor (in more ways than one) college students to buy new books. Nobody then wants the old books. The only way to know if the old books will be any good is to go to the first day of class, find out from the professor, then do a mad scramble to find the books. It's an evil plot, I tell you.

Sorry....not only do I have the adrenalin pumping 'cause I won, but I also have extra sugar in system.

Why? 'Cause DD#2 and I made a cookie for dessert. Okay, a big cookie. Okay, A REALLY BIG COOKIE WITH SOME ICE CREAM.

And I ate it all!


valéria said...

Hi ruth,
good for you!!

yep it's realy worth it to look on ebay, my brother told me yesterday that he did also and saved about half of what he would have to pay. So good for him also ;)

I'm havind a knitting moyo so am now cross stiching. Just something diferent is nice.
Take care.


Carol Ann said...

Boy, that cookie looks good.

BTW, have you tried Amazon for textbooks? I've had better luck there than eBay for buying/selling my textbooks.