Monday, September 10, 2007

Hoodie start

This is going to be my new fall jacket. It's the start of the hooded tunic from Knitting Pure and Simple. It's going to be nice and warm and will be the perfect thing to wear on cold soccer mornings.

As I seem to be doing lately, I'm using a different gauge than the pattern states. This time I actually did a gauge swatch, got gauge the very first time, then abandoned that for needles one size larger. You see, my hands hurt from using those needles and the resulting knitted item was a bit stiff.

Since I wanted this hoodie to be nice and big and comfy, this should not pose a problem. (Yes, I really do believe that. It could very possibly be true. Please don't burst my bubble and tell me all the things that could potentially go wrong. I'm sure I'll encounter them along the way.)

The goal for this hoodie was to use the rust yarn my dad got for me during an auction sale. I've never heard of it, but it came from Ireland and is like a sport weight. The Fisherman's wool being knitted with it is making a nice tweedy look.

Also, CIC is doing a mini challenge for the rest of September for little kids socks. I'm making it a goal to make 3 more pairs, and here is the start of pair one.

Figuring that my hoodie has endless rows of st st, I'm choosing a pattern stitch for each of the CIC socks. This one is Mossy Ridge (I think I got it from 6SoxKAL, but am really not sure.)

(Here I'm at the hard part of my post--typing in the word verification letters. Anyone else have a hard time with that? I can't even read the first letter--it looks like a number sign. Oh, the things that keep us safe....)

( I guessed wrong on try #1--the first letter will always be a mystery as I try again....)

(Try #2 with a new set of letters was also wrong. Why is this so hard for me? Is this a Candid Camera joke?)

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