Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Picture-taking boredom has set in. I seem to have two options:
1. Daytime. Take pictures on the deck.
2. Nighttime. Take pictures on a piece of foamboard.

Instead of the above options, let me instead present:

Me looking goofy (but with my head chopped off. I can be goofy as long as I have makeup on.)(Not that I really wear enough makeup to make a difference.)

This was my solution to getting my arms out of the way so you can see the finished bottom. On to the sleeves. And the hood. I figure I'm only about 2/5 done. Sigh.

Here's an even more surprising picture: One that's actually away from my house. Somewhere that I had to drive to. And remember my camera. And the right knitting.

Yep, soccer practice. (For DS#2, not me. Ya'll weren't confused about that, now were you?) This is the overdyed yarn leftover from the faux cable socks. Again, they're Magic 28 socks, with a bit of maroon for the toes.

Should I mention how goofy I felt taking these pictures? I waited until the kids were all busy in their groups and away from the goals, but there was still a bored parent or two hanging around.

Nobody questioned me, though, as I slunk back to my car.

Here's the start of Cascade 220 skein #3. The pattern is from knoxsocks website by Judy Sumner. It's the free Flying Colors pattern, using the 8 st repeat pattern on these socks that are 32 sts around.

It's fun, and the second sock has been started.

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