Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Answers and socks

I want to thank everyone for the comments they leave on my posts. They are read very carefully, answered very fully in my head, but the typing thing doesn't happen very well.

The comments show up in my inbox, showing that they're from a real person. I think "hey! I can answer her since she has a name!", proceed to do so only to get a mail returned from no-reply.blogger.com.

Fooled again, I think. When will I learn....

Anyway, here's a couple of answers:

Lila B. had a question about my Diamond Handwarmers pattern: maybe i'm missing something but in your directions, i never see any place that you're supposed to purl. how do you get that classic chevron stitch without ever purling.

The handwarmers are knitted in the round, so no purl rounds are necessary. The diamond pattern is made with a set of k2tog and yo's, with the next round being plain knit. Try it--it'll work!

Diane asked: Nice hoodie. Is the picture in this post a more correct color? Love the combination.

Well, Diane, I took a picture of my rust yarn in the middle of skeins of red and orange yarns to show the contrast. The reason you don't see the picture? It doesn't show the contrast very well. (Ah, picture taking, the bane of my existance.)(Maybe not my whole existance. Maybe my blogging existance.)

Let's go back to the previous pictures. The first picture is better. The rust is rusty, not orange. The Fisherman's wool is natural colored, and not with an orange tint.


I've neglected my hoodie in the last week so I could be knitting up some CIC socks. The plan was to knit one pair per week, but they're addicting so I'm actually done with pair 3 already. (Pictures of pair 2 tomorrow. Or soon.)

I wanted to see how far one skein of Cascade 220 would last. I made one pair of gold socks, then took the rest of the yarn and overdyed it with burgundy and juniper green Wilton icing colors.

I had wrapped the yarn 80 times around a chair, so I took 40 wraps and wound them each into a little ball

with a knot in the middle to designate the center.

The result? I got almost 2 pairs of socks out of one skein of Cascade 220.

(This is what happens to my camera when I don't guard it carefully. Little people take random pictures with it. Here's an example. Believe me, there's a picture on there that I can use for later blackmailing.)

The first was the 36 st Mossy Ridge Socks and the second was Magic 28 socks. Both were knitted using size 4 dpns. The Magic 28 socks just needed a bit of black for the toes. I figure that one skein willl make it all the way through 32 st and 28 sts socks, or maybe even a 36 and 28 if there's no pattern.

I think I might try this again.

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