Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just be glad

I'm sitting here typing, wearing my hooded tunic body part. I'm imagining it as 5 inches longer... will that be long enough? I think so.

It could actually be too long, but I'm not ripping out. I know I'll wear a really big sweater, but I'm not so sure about a too wide, too short sweater. I've been postponing this decision for a couple of days, but I'm finally ready to commit.

There's no picture, though, since it's so similar to the last one.

There's also no picture of my toe. Be very glad that I didn't take one, because for awhile today my toenail was perpendicular to my toe. The whole thing. (My apologies to anyone eating breakfast right now. That queasy feeling? That's what I've been feeling for most of the day.)

The funny thing about blogs is that you somehow feel you must blog about everything. When I come to think about it, what does a smashed toe have to do with a knitting blog? The only thing I could think of is what it didn't let me do today.

For once I was mostly caught up on laundry (who ever gets completely caught up, anyway?) so I was going to do knitterly stuff. Dyeing some yarn, setting the twist on my handspun (I finished spinning those first 4 oz., but now I need to do something with it), maybe knitting?

Instead, I lay on the couch whining, then DH drove me to the doctor's. I was going to tough it out, but I just couldn't. It was a wise decision, and I'm much happier (and less whiny). The toenail was cut off (I love numbing medicine) and a bandage was put on. I'm having trouble thinking about work tomorrow since I have to wear closed toe shoes.

This was Diane's comment today, that I read about an hour after the above accident:
The worst part of summer? The end and having to put on leather shoes to go back to school which gave you blisters for the first week(back in the day before you could wear sneakers).

Well, Diane, that was my downfall. I'm still thinking summer hadn't ended when I rammed my sandaled foot into the grocery cart wheel. Next time I might consider wearing shoes.... amd will be welcoming fall.

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Cactusneedles said...

I feel your toe pain. My LittleOne ran over my foot with the grocery cart last weekend, did I mention it was the pinky toe! Ouch! Have a great one:)