Saturday, September 29, 2007


I've been sitting at the computer knitting and reading blogs, so I figured I'd blog about what I'm knitting.

Guess what it is?

A mold for fondant for icing on a cake. Did you guess right?

I ran into a friend lately who was looking for such a thing. She makes great, fancy cakes and wanted to have the knitted impression for the cake.

After looking at some yarns, all were deemed too fuzzy. (The goal was to be edible without added fiber.) Tossed the idea of putting some plastic wrap between the swatch and the fondant--not sure if that would leave wrinkles.

On a visit to the local handyman super store, I found this "Dazzle" plastic twine. So far it's knitting up nicely, although it's accompanied by a squeaking sound with each stitch.

If you notice in the picture, my needles are two different colors. The blue one is my original needle from eons ago. They're the ones I said I still have. Figures I could only find one. I can only assume the other red needle is hanging around with the blue one on a WIP. While I stand by yesterday's statement that I rarely lose my needles, I do misplace them often. The difference is that the misplaced needles do turn up sooner or later.

Just thought I'd make that clear. :)

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Diane said...

A mold for fondant? That was going to be my second guess.