Thursday, August 30, 2007

LYS haul

On Tuesday, I made a trip to my LYS. It was specifically to get this pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple that I had ordered.

This will be for me in a combo of natural Fisherman's wool, and rust wool from Ireland. I'm so excited to get this started....but first I'm making myself finish my purse. It's getting there (and would've been done already if I didn't decide on adding an extra repeat of the pattern.) This is my goal for tonight's knitting (and if I don't fall asleep on the couch again as is my habit, it should be accomplished.)

While at my LYS I might've picked up a skein or two of Berrocco Ultra Alpaca.

And maybe a skein or two of Casecade 220....

And....they started carrying Schaefer Anne sock yarn! Gotta try that out....

And.....some sheepy note cards (made by a local artist who made them from a painting that used to hang in the LYS.)

That's my purchases. to knit!

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