Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend update

This is the second pair of CIC socks that I made. I promised a picture, and here it is:

I used a faux cable stitch, and hope to post the pattern soon. (It's the same stitch as my camera bag, which has been missing for the last month or two. Why must something always be lost? Why does every day off have to be laundry day? Why does the dog have to go out everytime I sit down at the computer? These are the questions I ponder....)

This is the leftover Cascade 220 yarn. This time I overdyed it with moss green and delphinium blue to make this pretty variegated yarn. I have almost exactly the same as last time, so this will become another pair of Magic 28 socks.

The deadline for the CIC socks is Sept. 30, so I'm hoping to do at least this pair. (I have another skein of Cascade 220 waiting in the wings, so we'll see how the week goes.)

I'm also trying to concentrate on my hoodie. Finally, one bottom side is complete. (The coloring this photo is pretty accurate).

Onward to the needles!

P.S. In case you're wondering.... I put 3 bandaids on my injured toe and wore my shoe to work. Better protection that way, and a smart idea. The toe is feeling much better than expected. My paranoid screaming of "stay away from my toe" has diminished also....

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