Friday, September 28, 2007

Hoodie sleeve

This was another soccer practice day, so today I took my hoodie.

The sleeves have been cast on, where I promptly found that I don't own any size 9's in either 16" circulars or dpns.

How can this be? I've been knitting ever since 4th grade, and while I accumulate needles slowly, and lose them rarely (I have my orginal set of 8's from way back then), that's still a whole lot of years of needle accumulation.

While I pondered that, I decided to try the magic loop method. I'm not a fan of that, because if I understand correctly, you use one big long circ, pulling the cord through the stitches about half way around, knit to that point, then pull the cord through halfway around again.

Is that it, or am I missing something?

That's the way I've tried it, though, and it just annoys me. Who wants to stop every half round and pull the cording through while possibly stretching the stitches?

In this case, though, I apparently don't own the right size, so though I'd go with magic loop until I buy some new needles.

I know that I'm supposed to use a longer circ, but this is what I had, and the cord is flexible, so it works okay.

Off I go to knit, while contemplating a trip to my LYS.

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