Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My necklaces went to the Bead Doctor yesterday. (Or is it the Chain Doctor? The Queen of All Jewelry?) Mine (with the pendant) had been worn exactly one time and DD#2's had been worn 3 times when both broke and were missing their jump rings. (DD's had a bit of help on the playground, and was in 4-5 pieces.)

HRH (Her Royal Highness) not only fixed the necklaces in a timely manner, but actually MADE the rings when she didn't have any the right size. She says they're a different color--but I sure can't see it.

Many thanks, from your loyal subject. (P.S. photographing jewelry is NOT an easy thing to do.)

Meanwhile, the CIC Mossy Ridge socks are done. Lots of fun, and nice and quick using worsted weight, size 4 dpns, and 36 stitches.

I liked using that combination so well, I cast on for another pair. This time I'm using a faux cable stitch. If it turns out well, I might write up the pattern.

My hoodie is progressing. This picture is an attempt to show you how big it is. I think it will be okay, but it certainly has plenty of extra room. (Even allowing for the fact that I'm sucking in my stomach big time. )

The pattern has me knitting until I'm 5 inches before it's long enough. This will be tricky. I never know if it's long enough until I'm there, so how am I going to know 5 inches before? I will hate it if it's too short (especially if it's too short and too wide), but I also don't want to sit on it.

I'm pretty sure I have at least an inch or two until I'm there, so I might as well keep going and worry about it then.


Diane said...

Nice hoodie. Is the picture in this post a more correct color? Love the combination.

Lynn said...

Great socks!! Don't you just love socks with worsted weight yarn?? It moves FAST!!!

Nancy said...

Glad you were happy with the results!

HRH ;-)