Monday, July 02, 2007


Yarn has been dyed.

Don't worry--I'm STILL not going on a trip tomorrow. However, I needed to knit this BEFORE my trip, so it's still crunch time.

I'm actually making a couple of soakers. A former customer who bought one of my first soakers asked for a couple of customs. Here they are:

This is the pansy soaker. It's Fisherman's wool that I've dyed. (I remembered my rubber gloves, so my hands are the normal color.) Measurements are:
Waist: 16-20", Rise: 19", Legs: 7.5-11".

Here's the second soaker. It's handspun wool, spun "in the grease" to keep the natural lanolin. It actually had so much lanolin that I had to wash it twice before it could be knitted. Measurements: Waist: 16-20". Rise: 19.5", Legs: 8-11".

All measurements are approximate since they haven't been blocked yet, but they should stay close to the same.

These were fun to make! (Isn't all knitting fun?)


Knit Wit said...

Cute! What pattern is that, and where did you get the handspun?

Mama to the masses said...

I am the lucky one who is purchasing these beautiful wraps! Thanks so much for squeezing in the time before your trip!!

Diane said...

Yarn dying so far ahead of time ... you are scaring me.