Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Almost done / good deals

To blog about finishing the Clapotis, or to actually finish the Clapotis, that is the question.

I'm so close to being done that it's hard to stop long enough to blog. But if I don't blog now, it may not get done today. (I have that rigorous schedule again: pool, nap, beach, LUAU!)

See? It seems long enough, so I've started the decreasing. On the right you can see the corner. All that's left is to finish the other corner.

(Hmm....right here I should have a concluding sentence, then a segue into the next topic.)

The end.

Moving on. (Rather creative, aren't I?)

This is our beach. Check out the umbrella and two chairs that can be rented for $65. There are plenty of rich people at the beach since they generally run out of sets to be rented.

I, however, believe in saving my money for things like souvenirs and food.

Check out my tube floaty that I bought at Walmart for $2.38. (Walmart is my friend. It's supposed to be the biggest Walmart in the world. The Sam's club is located on the 3rd floor and there is a parking garage just dedicated to Walmart that located smack in the middle of the city.) If I can get it deflated, it'll fit in my suitcase to be used at home.

The bag was free from DH's convention (well, not free, but came with the registration. I also get breakfast every day, that if I wait long enough, I can call it lunch. The time I did that, though, they ran out of banana bread and coffee. Good thing I already had 2 cups in my room.)

The towel is free for use (about the only thing around the hotel that doesn't have a stiff fee attached to it.) The sarong that's all scrunched up was actually brought from home that I got at our church's annual clothing exchange. (We bring in all our used, no longer wanted clothing and bring home someone else's. I've gotten tons of good stuff this way.) The sarong was most likely bought in Hawaii, but not by me.

I leave you with this picture of a purple orchid,taken on yesterday's tour. (more later--the Clapotis is calling me).

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