Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I might not mind

I almost wrote about how I fell asleep while waiting for these pics to load, but that would be whining. Instead, I'll show you a picture of a praying mantis that DD#2 took today.

DD#1 has come and gone. Only one friend came instead of three. I made lasagna and broccoli salad, changed the bed sheets, ignored the other mess, went to the fabric store, and sewed a pair of curtains. I'm still staying up too late, but at least I don't feel as drugged today.

I've also been knitting.

Here's start #1 of my Coriolis sock . It's only start #1 because I have ripped it out to start again on smaller needles. Not doing a gauge swatch....I used #6 needles as suggested by the pattern. This makes the sock too loose. (I don't even feel that guilty about the ignored swatch. Socks have to be tried on to see if they fit, anyway.)

The yarn is Knitpicks dye-yourself merino sock yarn. The sock is knit with 2 strands held together. Increases are done by knitting one stitch into each strand (just genius!) and the spiral is in place of the gusset. The scrap of paper says "instep" so I don't get lost.

It's so much fun to knit, I might not mind that I'm essentially knitting three socks!


Diane said...

That sock is just too cool!

valéria said...

Hi ruth,

that's a different aproach... i don't know if i like that but it's sure great that you don't have to do the gusset. I've just made my first sock with toe up but i'm not glad with the heel so i'll make the next one with a short row heel.

today i got my two circulars i ordered and will try to knit two socks from toe up in the same time.

I'll put up the photo's on my blog :)

By the way, nice that you're home again safe and sound ;)

take care.