Monday, July 09, 2007

Touring the Island

Yesterday was lovely. Our friend David and his fiancee Amy drove me around the island. (DH was working....)

These pictures are taken from the The Nuuanu Pali Lookout.

"The Nuuanu Pali Lookout is a perennial favorite stop among visitors to Oahu. The panoramic views of the Windward side of the island from this expansive cliff will blow you away. Just make sure the winds don’t blow you away, either.

Located at Nuuanu Pali State Park, the lookout overlooks the 985-foot cliffs of the Koolau Mountain Range. (Translated, "pali" means "cliffs.") And yes, it is extremely windy. The trade winds blow through the valley between the high mountains on either side, forming a strong wind tunnel of sorts. On extra windy days, you can even lean into the wind and let the gusts hold you up. "

It was windy, but nothing got blown away.

My gracious tour guides for the day:

It was fun going with them, because they would point out the sites, then say whether they've been there and what they did and other tidbits of information. That's where they filmed "Lost", that's where they filmed "Gilligan's Island", that's where they filmed "51st Dates". That's where my brothers climbed up the side of the mountain basically using a ladder with ropes to hang on to. That's where the best shrimp is. This is the best place to buy souvenirs. (They took me to a swap meet where there were rows and rows and rows of vendor booths. I had to stop myself--only 'cause I was running out of money.)

We drove around the North Shore where the waves are huge. I'm sure everyone has seen surfing pictures like this from the Pipeline:

Only, apparently the waves are seasonal, so yesterday the waves looked like this:

Yep, only in the winter months do they have those huge waves.

They did, however, have this big rock where people jump off it. Really. (David's done this a bunch of times. Amy's much wiser.)

Then they climb back up the rock to do it again. Not a chance that I would do that, even in my teenage days.

Knitting? I've caught up from the day before. There's still plenty of yarn left, but it's looking quite long. I'm hoping to finish soon and move on. After all, I have 3 more projects to do. (At this rate, I won't have to resort to the yarn section in Walmart. Yes, I've already located it.)

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valéria said...

Hi ruth,

oh that looks so pretty!! thanks for letting me also be on a small holiday through your photo's and stories, it's lovely really it is!!

Why am i not suprised that you've located the wall mart??? ;) every sane knitter does now the yarn shops i guess??? ;) and i know wall mart isn't a yarn shop but hee i know a little now :)

take care and hope your DH can take some time to be with you also.