Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An open letter to my family

To whom it may concern (and this means YOU):

The evil conspiracy around here must stop. All demands for food, clean clothes, and attention must come to an end. There will be no more "hey, mom, where's my fill-in-the-blank?". No more "how long do I cook this?". And especially no more "bark bark bark bark barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark" (read: let me out, let me in, let me out, let me in.)

Didn't you see that my Amazon order came yesterday? And that Alison's new book was in the box?

One of you was even warned, "If my order comes, don't hide my knitting books while I'm not looking". That look of "why would I do that?" was too geniune to be believed.


It's been 24 hours and I've only read the first few pages.

I've been hearing great things about this book, by Alison Jeppson Hyde, "Wrapped in Comfort, Knitted Lace Shawls". It would be nice if I could read it for myself. I'm not really even a lace knitter, I just wanted to own the book. And maybe read it. And maybe get drawn in to the knitting of beautiful shawls.

And family, whoever hid my reading glasses, or...whoever covered up my reading glasses with your junk, or....whoever knows where I absentmindedly put my reading glasses needs to 'fess up.

I'm making due, but it's harder to read Alison's great stories with a broken pair of glasses.

In conclusion, my dear family, all normal activities around our house will be ending until I get to read this book. There will be leftovers tonight, and will somebody let the dog out?


P.S. Has anybody seen my glasses?


Diane said...

Hey my 2 yr old granson can get a box of cereal from the cabinet and feed himself breakfast so I'm sure your family is able to fend for themselves .... for a week ... maybe 2. lol.

I'm planning on getting that book too. Got a scarf from her website that's on my to do list. She makes lovely things.

You ought to give lace knitting a try. It's challenging, fun, and when you finish blocking your first project you are hooked!

Alison said...

Did you hear me laughing! I have four kids, I have so been there. Although--no dog. If it helps any on the knitting, the Julia shawl is simply six stitches long, repeated forever.

Alison said...

Sorry, that automatic link is wrong--I'm not at Blogger anymore, sorry, it's .