Sunday, July 08, 2007


There were 7 weddings/receptions at our hotel today on 7-7-07. Apparently it's a much desired day to get married. Here's a couple of pictures:

Outside our window they were setting up for a reception:

Here's a wedding party at the bottom of our hotel (the bride has her elbow up, but I couldn't really just stand there and take lots of pictures. That might look weird.)

A different wedding reception.

Several weddings were on the beach. I worked hard on walking around a wedding party so I wouldn't get in the pictures in my swimsuit.

Here's a picture of the beach, a better view from our hotel. (It's not all construction and wedding receptions.)

DH has been working, so I've been spending lots of time here.

The evening show by one of the pools.

Knitting content: (Thought I wouldn't get there, didn't you?)

I have no picture to show since I knitted for awhile on my Clapotis (after the beach and a nap), but then I ripped out all the afternoon's work. Since it now looks the same as yesterday, just check out yesterday's picture, and that's what it looks like.

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valéria said...

Lovely photo's, yesterday we also had a wedding party from the son from our neighbours. That waa a beach party. Only the weather here has been very bad, lots of rain and strong wind so that was a pitty. Yes 07-07-'07 was a special weddingday i suppose :)

take care and wish you lots of resting time at the beach or napping ;)