Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coriolis socks

Work on my Coriolis socks has been completed. I had a brief moment of insanity when I was knitting the first sock. I was an inch or so above the heel when I got worried that I'd run out of yarn. (That's not the insanity part, that's the normal part.) Wanting to start the second sock, I cut the yarn. Yep, just cut it.

This does not happen around here. I'll do practically everything to NOT cut the yarn. I was already knitting with both ends, though, so it seemed the best course of action.

I started the second sock and knit along. It was fun to see the spirals spinning in the opposite direction.

I was right. I ran out of yarn. I even had to frog the first sock several rows to get them even. Three colors of yarn had to be added to make them long enough.

I only had the red and blue bits of sock yarn that didn't have any nylon--trying to match up the yarn types. Finally, I gave up and used black Cascade 220 for the top. I wasn't spiralling any longer, so it worked out okay.

The pattern was fun, but the socks don't fit quite as tightly as I'd like. They'll be great house socks, though.

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