Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday tour

Since I'm going to be losing internet connection for a couple of days, I thought I'd load on my Tuesday tour pictures. (My apologies to anyone that has trouble loading the pictures. I have a fast connection here and am going a bit picture happy. I've tried to downsize the pics, but I'm not sure how successful I am. I'm check it out at home with my r....e.....a.....l.....l.....y s.....l......o.....w connection.)

(Also, while I'm on apologies, let me just state that on my computer at home, my blog colors look good together. On other computers, however, they look rather harsh. I'll have to change that.....)

Here's the Kamehameha Statue. Read more about King Kamehameha here. (Google is my friend.)

We saw several different buildings in Honolulu (I'll spare you the pictures), then went to the Foster Botanical Gardens.

A flower that I can recognize: the Bird of Paradise. (My job has taught me something!)

This is the Cannonball tree that both flowers and grows....cannonballs.

This tree flowers only once in it's lifetime, then it's lifecycle is over. It's flowering right now.

A pretty tree. (You know how you hear the tree's name, repeat it several times to yourself so you don't forget it, then still can't remember that? The whole day was like that.)

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