Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March roundup

(Here's my March roundup that's late as usual. I'll change the date and put it where it belongs in a bit....)

1. I finished a hoodie sweater and then ripped it out and made it longer and with a collar. That plus 2 other sweaters, a pair of socks (done this month), and a vest were mailed en route to Kazakakhstan.

2. We got snow! (Not exactly knitting, but still exciting.)

3. DH and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. (Ditto).

4. Three more warm gifting sock pairs. They'll be waiting for the next mailing.

5. Hedera socks for me! This is only the second pair I've made for me this winter. As I've been wearing them I've been loving the color but wishing the length was about 4 rows longer.

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