Tuesday, March 17, 2009


First I'd just like to complain a bit. I had to work extra early this morning (7am which is o'dark am for any Irish out there.) Not having time to come home after the bus stop I arrived at work 27 minutes early. Without any knitting. Or a book. (Which wouldn't have been very useful as it was o'dark.) I'm never early. Especially that early. Where are the red lights when you need them? They're out in full force whenever I'm running late. But when I 'm too early? Oh, no. Then it's green all the way. (Maybe for St. Pat's Day?) Okay, I feel better. Complaining is over. Moving on...

Today I'll ignore any catching up that needs to be done and just discuss what's been done in the past couple of days.

I made a pillow.

To be more accurate, I re-covered a pillow. I've had this pillow for more than 20 years and have re-covered it at least 3 times. It's nice and soft and cushy.

I was looking for fabric that would match both of my new slipcovers. One is brown and one is rust. It seemed like I could find some nice decorator fabric that would tie them both together.

What I found is this.

That's right. They're turtles.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but it's cute and it matches and that's what matters.

I've also knitted two pairs of CIC socks. Both are knitted with one strand of rust yarn (sport weight?) and one strand of sock weight. The left pair uses 28 sts and the right uses 32 sts, both on size 5 dpns.

They seem nice and sturdy and warm and are a good way to use up leftover sock yarn.

Once I get going on little socks I can't seem to stop. I might just make another pair or two...

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Lynn said...

Knitting socks for CIC is SO much fun!!! It's true, they are like chips, you cant have/make/eat just one!

And I hear you on the early part. I usually keep an ongoing project in the car for when I have to wait. However I took out the bag last night and wasn't expecting to wait this am (as I was running late). However my boss was running later and I had to kill 20 min. I ended up cleaning out my purse (I had cleaned out the car 2 days before)