Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nuttin' but socks

Lately, I've been knitting nuttin' but socks.

First, I fimished this pair, which is almost big enough for me.

Red worsted and variegated sock yarn held together, size 7 (or 6?) needles, 36 sts, 36 rows.

Then this pair.

Three colors of worsted knitted using a spiral stripe. Size 4 dpns, 28 sts. (At one point of time, or maybe the whole way through, I mixed in a size 5 needle. See how much bigger the right sock is than the left one? I'm hoping that blocking will fix that problem....)

I then made this pair as I continued to use up my stash. (Though this pair is pushing the edge of acceptable almost into the "just-too-ugly" realm. )

Again, several colors of worsted weight, size 4 dpns (all four of them), 28 sts, 28 rows.)

I stopped with the charity socks and moved on to mine.

My first leaf sock, which is not the real name but I'm still too lazy to look it up, is now complete and the second one is started.

See the leaves spiraliing around the sock? I had to pay enough attention to the knitting that I didn't have to do a massive frogging. Let's see if that'll be true for the second one.

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