Monday, March 09, 2009

Now you see it, now you don't (the hood, that is)

When last you saw my cabled hoodie, it was completed and ready to go. I blocked it and let it dry. Then, as DS#2 owed my one more try on, he tried it on. (But no picture even though I had the camera in my hand).

The next day, the hoodie became this:

I tried reasoning with it, but no matter how much I tried, it just wasn't going to fit a real person.

Of any shape.

The sleeves were nice and long but the body was short and loose. (It was supposed to be a shorter waisted sweater but it just wasn't working right.) The worst part was that the shoulders were too snug for anyone. Especially someone with really long arms and a short waist. Also, the hood was a bit loose so this person had to have a neck like a giraffe.

In the meantime, I used the leftover yarn to make a pair of socks. (Doublestranding Patons Classic Merino Denim Marl with a sock weight light blue yarn. 36 sts, 36 rows.)

They turned out great, but used up the rest of the yarn.

So. Considering that I wanted to make the body longer I had to lose the hood.

The body became 3-4 inches longer and the ribbed collar looks nice. (I did not try it on either child, but I did get it over my head so it should be good. And done. And good and done.)

The sweater and socks were joined with 2 other sweaters and a vest--all that you've seen before but just waiting for a place to go.

And they're going to children in Akkol, Kazakakhstan.

Packed up and in the mail today. Now, to cast on for some socks!


Lynn said...

What a great collection of sweaters to mail out!!!!

valéria said...

Oh my ruth...what a patience you must have to rip that all out and start over again to make it fit. I think you're amazing. Love how it turned out and I think that whoever gets it will be nice and warm and should feel the effort you made into it.

The weather over here is mellow, sometimes rainy but now the sun is shining and everywhere I look I see that nature is preparing to give it's beautifullnes with their light green leaves and flower buts. I love spring and it makes me feel like wanting to wear t-shirts as well but sanity makes me don't because dutch weather is tricky....and a cold could be lingering just around a windy corner ;o)

Hugs, take care.