Monday, March 23, 2009

Knitting for Others

For this week's knitting for others, I finished my bee socks.

I even walked to the other room, you know, WAY OVER THERE, to look up the mosaic pattern. It's #10: "Chain" from Barbara Walker's Mosaic Knitting done on sz. 4 dpns. The socks are 28 sts 1x1 ribbing, increase to 30 sts and do 3 repeats of "Chain", garter st short row heel and toe with the instep in stripes of garter stitch in the round. Next time I would decrease back down to 28 sts for the instep--the garter st is strechier than the mosaic.

Then, I started a plain pair on sz. 5 dpns, using a wt wt and a sock yarn combined which make them nice and thick and warm.

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valéria said...

Can't you change your blogname into sockwizzard (witch would sound not nice I'm afraid so wizzard perhaps because calling you a witch....well I'm shutting up now ;o))