Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow day

Even though neither kid got up for pretend school, it still seems liked Christmas morning.

Wow, snow! Look at that! I'm not sure I've ever seen it this high! (Sad, but it might be true.)

By 10 am the kids had gotten dressed, went sledding down the hill, and were already back inside.

I stayed inside and periodically got called to the door. "Mom, can you fix my hat/glove/boot?"

Snow angels became "I'm so tired I'm going to lie here for a bit".

I know for some parts of the country you've gotten more snow than you could possibly stand. We, however, are quite enthralled with it.

DH is on a business trip (Don't worry, I don't think he's missing out--the snow is coming where he is, too). Sadly, the food readiness fell to me. DH does a good job purchasing the essentials for a snow storm, plus plenty of snacks. I do not. We managed to make Rice Krispie treats (the kind with peanut butter) using Cheerios instead and making a half recipe. We're now down to no sugar and have one egg and no cocoa.

There are no brownies in my immediate future. Or DD's.

Nor is there any interesting food left. (For the kids, anyway. I can always find something.)

Here's a picture of the down part of the hill. You can see faint tire tracks but those most likely are from last night. I don't think anyone has tried going up today. (It's always part of our snowstorm entertainment to see who can make it up the hill on the first try.)

I might try for the up part of the hill later, but that would require putting on my boots and coat. So far I've been content to stay inside (and do a bit of knitting between running to the door, helping with the Cheerio treats and trying to get the snow gear dried. And blogging.)

Sometime, though, we'll have to dig out the cars.

There's plenty of time later. Maybe after a nap.

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Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

WOW - that IS a lot of snow! I was trying to work out what the wee orange square in the first picture was and suddenly it struck me - it's a ruler! LOL - enjoy the snow.