Thursday, March 19, 2009

Socks, just like potato chips

Continuing my recent fixation of knitting little socks (yep, Lynn, just like potato chips), I immediately cast on another pair.

I got this far and all of a sudden, I was done.

Which, of course, is not actually done like a bag of chips gets done, I just got stopped. Not able to knit another stitch on them. Rather weird, but I went with it.

And... I switched over to this sock (Started at some previous time so it's not like I did all this at once. But maybe within the last week.) This time it's for me, and is a Cat Bordhi pattern that not called "Leaf" or "Leaves" but that's what I'll call it right now (the pattern is far, far away in another room, too far for me to walk right now.)

Anyway, it's been a fun knit so far, even if the whole sock is in twisted ribbing which is not my favorite. But, it's pretty.

Then, I had a renewed interest in the little sock so I started a second one.

Size 4 dpns, ww yarn, 28 sts in a 1x1 ribbing, increasing to 30 sts for the mosaic pattern. 3 repeats of mosaic pattern and waiting for the heels. The rest of this pair should go rather quickly.

That is, if I can refrain from casting on for a new pair.

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