Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chaos ensues

This is DD#2 blogging. I just wanted to say hi and be a guest blogger once again. News of the day is that it snowed. And to my surprise, my mom didn't knit at all, or very little. So she may not have many updates for your pleasure, so you should stop reading before she starts talking (just to save time.)

Mmmmm... I think my mom should make me some brownies. :) What do you think? Considering I made brownies for her 2 DAYS IN A ROW, that she should make some. :) The downside to her making brownies is that she makes them late at night so that in the morning there is little to none left (so no one will know.) Since she decides to leave the pan in the sink for a while, it makes it easy to tell who ate all the brownies the night before, all by process of elimination of course.

Well it's about time for my mom to come down stairs with bowls full of sweet snack, and for her to give me "the-eye-brow-look", and make a "GRRR"ing sound at me. TTFN(Ta Ta For Now)



I left the computer just long enough to walk a kid up the hill in the snow in the dark ('cause it's snowing and we have a hill and you can come down with a car but it's questionable whether you can get back up and it was a guest that would like to be back at his house for the snow, especially since I have to work tomorrow but probably won't go. See above discussion about the hill.)
Oh, well, then we ate supper and watched a taped "Survivor" and then I washed the dishes (how long has this pot been sitting around?) and made jello.

But then I got right back to the computer and look what happened? Chaos ensues. (Just for that I should tell her that we got another phone call from the school system and the first one was wrong and that you really do have school tomorrow so go ahead and set your alarm clock for 5:30am. That'll teach her.)

She's right, though, in that I haven't knitted much today. However, I have several hours of the day left and it's prime knitting time. (Especially when I send her to bed to make sure she gets up for pretend school tomorrow.)

Here's two more pictures of my cabled hoodie in the completed state.

I grafted the hoodie together at the top, and managed to graft the purl sts correctly too, I think.

Then, since I've been complaining about the quality of my pictures again, DH decided to build me a soft light photo box. Here's a picture he took in there.

The blue on the sweater sure does change from pic to pic, doesn't it? I hadn't blocked the sweater, but I've done so since. If I can get it on DS#2 I'll try for a picture. If not, just consider it done.

Cabled Hoodie pattern, free from Coats and Clark (however, I can't seem to bring up the link. But it's there. Somewhere.)
Did a lot of changes. Made the waist 1" longer, but it's still a short waist so it could actually use a couple more inches. Knitted it in the round which made me improvise the underarms and hoodie pickup. Did a cable around the hoodie that looks nice with the rest.
With all the changes, it still fits a real kid (or two) so I think it will be okay.

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valéria said...

here it is...I'm google addicted.... Am jealous of your crafting skills....I'm too impatient for it I'm afraid.

Off to the bathroom now...need to speed up.
Take care