Monday, March 16, 2009


When I get an email from a friend, I feel like if I respond right away I can say something short. "Thanks!" or "It was good hearing from you. Gotta run!" or even "great" can do.

However, if I put off responding, then I feel like I need to add a note. What's new in my life (which almost always includes what sports my kids are currently playing or--if I'm talking to a knitter--what I'm currently knitting.)

The longer I put off writing, the more pressure I put on myself to say something worthwhile (or at least wordy).

It's like that with my blog.

If I have something to show, I can usually do it right away without too much effort. Daily progress can be shown easily (as long as there was progress). The more I put it off, though, the more I feel the need to actually have a good picture and a little story.

Sometimes things get put off so much that there's nothing left to say, so before that happens, let me show you this:

A lovely purple shawl, knitted by my friend Janice and mailed to me about a month ago. It's my favorite color and it's warm--just the perfect thing for downstairs. It looks lovely draped over a couple of different chairs.... just waiting for me.

I've finally given up, though, on getting a picture of me wearing it. It's just not going to happen. (Doesn't match my clothes at the moment--especially my green and blue plaid pjs. It's rainy outside so I can't get good outdoor pictures. There's no one around to take the picture. You name the excuse and I've said it.)

But I know that only a knitter knows how much another knitter loves to receive a handknit gift. So, thank you. I love it and will think of you whenever I wear it.

(I may get a picture of me wearing it. But don't hold your breath.)

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