Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm continuing in my quest to catch up on things ("things" mean "knitting things" and not "cleaning things" or "laundry things". Those things will never get caught up.)

Here's a picture of my finished Hedera socks. I didn't make any changes to the pattern. Well, other than that "knitting a yo so that it closes up instead of leaving a hole the entire way thru the pair". Other than that mistake every 4th row on every repeat around, no changes.

The yarn is from Spirit Trail Fiberworks in an almost solid teal. The color is so vibrant and has such depth. The pictures don't quite do it justice.

I love the little details. This pair has a twisted rib that works down into the gusset decreases.

Lovely, even on unblocked socks.

Is it an obsession when I start making socks just to match my shirts?

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valéria said...

Still on my wishlist hedera :o) Love them, great socks ruth!! :o)