Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nagging works

Yep, I just did what is sooner or later inevitable. I closed my blog post before saving it. Let's see if it can be recreated...

As all mothers know, nagging works. At least, nagging works enough times that we keep doing it.
RB has heard my nagging "Hey! Send me pictures already!" and has complied with my demand. er...request. (Naggy and bossy, that's me.)

Here it is, Christmas present #1:

With every picture comes along a couple of explanations, so here they are:

1. She needed nosewarmers for cold days at the motorbike racetrack (don't we all?)

2. Even though this was finished in November, I hadn't washed it 'til the last moment. I still needed pics and I didn't want it to be...well....snotty.... so I was going to wash it after pics, which never happened. That meant that she had to send the pics.

3. She did send pics, but it wasn't on her, so I made her do it again. (What's the point if you can't tell what it is, right?)

4. There were actually 3 presents: 2 nosewarmers and a headwrap/scarf thing. The ever-so-attractive orange acrylic nosewarmer was left out. (Her daughter just didn't seem to want to model it for some reason.)

The nosewarmers were knit using this pattern on Knitty. It uses a very small amount of yarn, and a decorative tassel can be added to the nose. (Don't you want one?)

The Ribbed Headwrap pattern is from Morehouse Merino website here. (This is where I deleted my post as I searched for the pattern since I hadn't bookmarked either of these patterns. Grr. Why don't I ever bookmark the patterns I actually use? Am I in such a hurry to knit them that I can't even bookmark them?) It can be pulled up over the nose or slid under the chin for more balmy racetrack weather.

That finishes the pictures of the Christmas gifts.

Now go clean your room.

And bake me some brownies.

The End.

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valéria said...

I can soooo understand why she wants to keep anonymous :D :D. Thanks for the pictures and making my day :D