Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A little pair of socks

I took a break from the teal cardigan (where I keep plugging along, but I'm not liking it any better). Perfect time to knit a small pair of socks using up some leftover yarn.

I thought this would work.

I was wrong. I tried to convince myself that it would look better when finished. So I finished it. And wove in the ends of the toe.

It was not better.

I think the proper term is "yuck".

Letting it rest for a day convinced me to rip it out and try again.

Better. Enough so, that I made its mate. And wove in all the ends.

(30 sts, size 4 dpns, for CIC now that the challenge is for sweaters/vests. I'm always slightly off.)

15 down, 13 to go.


Diane said...

I'm glad you didn't frog the sock. I think it looks nice.

Alison said...

I quite like them!