Sunday, January 06, 2008

A year ago

Here's the BSJ all knitted but not sewn together. If you look at the left side, you can see the little notch (5 sts worth) that becomes the neckline when folded up.

The sleeves always seem short to me, so I added the gold foldup cuffs for extra length. Buttons are now the only things missing.

I was worried that I would run out of variegated (2 skeins of Lion wool), so I used the maroon in the middle to stretch it out. It might have made it, though, since I actually have this much left over.

I'm thinking little CIC socks.

In other knitting news....remember this? Yep. My teal cardie. (Look, Janice, my teal cardie. You've been asking about this for the past year, and it's finally made a reappearance!)

I looked back in my archives, and the sleeve was actually cast on in Jan. 14, 2007. Almost an entire year ago.

I got it out tonight, did a 3-needle bindoff on the shoulder seams and sewed in the sleeve.

After all that, it's looking okay and I'm going to continue on. I could've done this a year ago!


valéria said...

The BSJ is very pretty and good for you that you've picked the teal cardingan up again ;)

take care.

Cactusneedles said...

Good job!! Hope you finish the cardi! The color is great!