Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally a Finishing Frenzy

Finally finishing some items, mainly by sewing on buttons and doing "non-knitting" type of stuff.

The BSJ now has buttons.

Really cute hippo buttons.

DD#2's purse now has a lining.

Here's a closeup. This fabric with its cute little ladybugs was the basis for the yarn colors.

Two ladybugs are on the straps. They're red and don't quite match, but are still really cute.

The ties were thumb crocheted by DD#2. (done without a hook.)

My teal cardigan has a button. Or rather, a clasp.

I'm done with the finishing already. Back to some knitting!


valéria said...

Well done!!! I should take you as my example ;) you finish things :D:D

Cute hippo's and that lining in the purse is awesome.

And that clasp is just what it needed it isn't it?? It's pretty like this. Are you happy with it now also?

Take care :)

Diane said...

Nice finishing! I used those little hippo buttons on my granddaughter's lime sweater. They are just so darn cute.

The ladybugs on the purse are a perfect touch.