Saturday, January 19, 2008

Second Sports Saturday?

Remember last week when I so glibly stated that I could keep Sports Saturday going every week until June?

Well, it's week two and I've already faltered. Apparently it's easier to post pics of my knitting at games if I remember to bring my camera! Sheesh. (DS's soccer team tied while DD's basketball team won.)

Not only that, but DS asked why I knit more during his games than DD's games. Were her games more interesting???? Huh??? Gotta fix that.... Maybe I'll just make sure I knit equally at all games from now on.

Here's my pathetic attempt at sports pictures today.....

My pile of spun yarn is growing. (Ooooh. a basketball.... AND a baseball.. It must be Sports Saturday!)

And I've gotten back to the Horcrux socks again. This was my sports knitting today. (Aaaahh. A soccer ball.)

Next time, maybe there will be a football. Can you stand the excitement?

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valéria said...


pretty, ptetty collor that yarn SELF spun ;) and great sock but did i say that already? ;)